2 Star Kayaking Course

Aim: To develop the range of basic strokes and manoeuvres for novices.


Personal Equipment

Simple knowledge of tides and currents

Weather hazards

Environment hazards


Lifting and carrying kayaks

Launching and coming ashore

Demonstrate efficient forward and reverse paddling

Demonstrate forward and reverse sweep strokes

Demonstrate the ability to spin the kayak on the spot using alternate forward and reverse sweeps

Demonstrate J draw and classic draw with directional control

Demonstrate stern rudder

Demonstrate basic use of edge control

Demonstrate basic low support and recovery

Demonstrate basic high support and recovery

Demonstrate low brace turns with understanding of edge control

Capsize and wet exit with retention of kayak and paddle

Demonstrate a X rescue as a rescuer and patient

Demonstrate a kayak to swimmer rescue (bow carry)

Demonstrate an Eskimo bow rescue as a patient

Demonstrate the beginnings of sculling draw strokes

Demonstrate the beginnings of bow rudder (blade placed between bow and cockpit)

Journey Experience

At least one journey of 6 km